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    2-1-1 is a free three digit telephone number that Virginians can call for resources for counseling services, crisis intervention, volunteer opportunities and other health and human service referrals. Visit the 2-1-1 website.

Licensed Provider Search

Welcome to the Provider Search System.

Here you will find information relating to all Providers licensed by our department including their services, user programs and locations. This initial screen displays all the providers in an alphabetic sequence. To refine your search please either double click on the Search Criteria bar or click on the arrow icon. This will open a window allowing you to enter more specific details. If you need further help or explanations please double click on the Help bar.

Search Criteria

Enter you search parameters here and press submit when complete:

Service Types




Selecting a region will modify the selections one has for County and City. Selecting a County will modify the City selection criteria.

Select Demographics, Service Type or Diagnosis will further narrow your selection.

Once all selections are completed you need to Submit to display your new results.

Results Display:

The Display panel displays your results with the Provider details at the top level. Clicking on the '+' button will expand to show the Services the Provider has. Clicking on the next '+' will display the User Program related to the services. Clicking on the next '+' button will display the locations tied to each user program.

At the Provider and User Program level one may obtain licensing information. There are two ways of doing this. 1) Hover over the Provider/User Program and a box should be displayed with the information. If you want to print the information click on the hyperlink and another window will open with the same information and this can be printed.

The results are displayed alphabetically. Click on the desired letter at the top or bottom of the display panel to display results of Providers beginning with that letter.

The Providers beginning with 'A' are displayed by default. If your selection criteria does not have any Providers starting with 'A' nothing will be displayed. Click on another letter or click on 'ALL' to display all the Providers for your selection. Be very careful when clicking on 'ALL'. If you have not refined your selection all Providers in the system will be displayed and the response to this query will take some time to load.

Note: A Provider or User Program with an * besides it means this is an initial license application

Current Criteria for Display

RegionCountyCityDemographicsService TypeDiagnosis

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z All
1A & C Alternative Care, LLCPetersburg               23805Central
2A & J Residential, LLC *Richmond                 23237Central
3A Beautiful Mind, LLCNorfolk                  23518Eastern
4A Better Choice Behavioral Healthcare Services, LLC *Richmond                 23236Central
5A Better Life Counseling Services, LLCRoanoke                  24018Southwest
6A Better Path Support Services, LLCRichmond                 23225Central
7A Better Tomorrow Support Services, LLCDanville                 24540Central
8A Better Way Support Services, LLC *Chesapeake               23320Eastern
9A Brighter Future, Inc. *Franklin                 23851Eastern